Finding Light: Grief Support

Sometimes when you need help, the last thing you feel like doing is just talking more about it. Yet you know inside that you need to do something to be able to deal with what is happening–and to be able to start moving forward again.

I developed my three-part grief recovery series from both my professional experiences and my personal tragedies. I know what hopelessness feels like.

Three 20-Minute sessions are $60. Sometimes one hour can make all the difference in the world. Contact me by phone or email to arange out time together.

Part 1

When Lightening Strikes

What to do when sudden loss occurs in your life.

Part 2

A Light in the Storm

Learning to navigate your river of grief.

Part 3

Darkness and Light

Easy ways to find your balance each day.

Have Hope

Start living your life again. Let me help you regain hope and reclaim your ability in your own way and in your own time. ~Jennifer